The Irish Pages Press

This is an auspicious moment (2016) for the formal establishment of a high-profile literary press firmly rooted in Belfast and the North of Ireland. With the recent closure or decline of several Northern presses, Irish Pages Ltd (the non-profit publisher of Irish Pages and The Irish Pages Press) is uniquely qualified for this important cultural endeavour. It possesses the literary experience, distribution experience and financial health sufficient to launch a book publishing programme of the highest quality, comparable to any in these islands.

For the time being, the Press will be limited to poetry, essays, memoir and other forms of non-fiction. Three titles will be published in 2016: The Other Tongues: An Introduction to Writing in Irish, Scots Gaelic and Scots in Ulster and Scotland (reprint, second edition); Balkan Essays, by Huber Butler; and The Divil Knows What, by Tom Mac Intyre, a selected edition of his poetry prose in both English and Irish. The first two are already available in bookshops in Ireland and Britain, or can be ordered through this website. The third is due out at the end of 2016.

Unsolicited manuscripts should not be sent before October 2017. In the interim, however, authors with or without past publishers are welcome to contact the Editors about manuscripts that are fully completed only. The relevant email address for English and Irish submissions can be found under “Contact” on this website.