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Ampersand: Irish Pages Online is the online supplement of the biannual print journal, Irish Pages,

Ampersand publishes shorter pieces, generally but not exclusively by younger writers, as a complement to the long-running Irish Pages.

Ampersand is not just another blog. Rather, it aims to publish work of outstanding literary merit and genuine intellectual content, by a wide variety of writers, regardless of background and nationality.

Ampersand contains twelve sections under which texts of a certain nature are grouped – for example, “Twenty Something & Beyond” and “The Citadel & Its Discontents”. This broadly correlates to the journal, each of whose issues has its own theme. As with the journal and the press, Ampersand: Irish Pages Online is distinguished by two essential and necessary characteristics, in an age of media noise and publishing hyperbole: literary content of exceptional quality, and individual voices of integrity and independence.

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