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“The Good Friday Agreement: Twenty Years On”
Imagine! Belfast Festival of Ideas & Politics
Brexit Day – Friday, 29 March at 7.15
Canada Room, Queen’s University Belfast

On the day scheduled for Britain’s exit from the European Union, six contributors to the new issue of Irish Pages, “The Belfast Agreement: Twentieth Anniversary Issue,” will discuss their views on the achievement of the Agreement (and its relation to Brexit), as well as their highly diverse views, feelings and experience of it over 20 years, including the present moment.

Most of the 42 contributors are from Northern Ireland or the Republic. This outstanding issue is a literary event of high contemporaneous civic importance to the North, the Republic, and Great Britain in the throes of Brexit.

With Monica McWilliams, Glen Patterson, Ruth Carr, Mathew O’Toole, Patricia Craig and Paul Arthur.

(Free entry, 6.30pm wine reception)