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Love (Volume 11, No 2)

The Editors are now completing this forthcoming issue advertised for some time. Work in any genre and any style will be welcome on this vast and complex theme. The OED lists several dozen senses of the word for both the noun and the verb. There are many more compound uses and modern sexual variations and overtones. The Greeks first formulated a typology of eight types of love. And so on. No further elaboration is needed.

Submissions can be made at any time. For a variety of reasons, we accept only postal submissions (with stamps, coupons or cash for return postage, though no self-addressed envelope is needed). We advise all potential contributors to read carefully the submission section of the website and, if possible, to familiarize themselves with a copy of the journal. It is available at independent booksellers and several chain bookshops throughout Ireland and Great Britain. Back issues may also be purchased online via this website. No more than eight poems or two prose pieces should be submitted at one time, or within any six-month period. The Editors aim to respond within eight months. If work is accepted, an electronic copy may be requested.