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“War In Europe” (Volume 12, No 1)

OUR FORTHCOMING ISSUE War In Europe (Volume 12, Number 1) Our forthcoming issue, “War in Europe”, is currently being assembled by the Editors of Irish Pages. The Guest Editor is the highly distinguished Ukrainian-American novelist, short-story writer and poet Askold Melnyczuk (the Founder and Editor for over 30 years of the celebrated journal Agni), who [...]

“Love” (Volume 11, No 2)

Love (Volume 11, No 2) The Editors are now completing this forthcoming issue advertised for some time. Work in any genre and any style will be welcome on this vast and complex theme. The OED lists several dozen senses of the word for both the noun and the verb. There are many more compound uses […]


Ampersand: Irish Pages Online is the online supplement of the biannual print journal, Irish Pages, Ampersand publishes shorter pieces, generally but not exclusively by younger writers, as a complement to the long-running Irish Pages. Ampersand is not just another blog. Rather, it aims to publish work of outstanding literary merit and genuine intellectual content, by a wide variety of writers, […]

Our Two Forthcoming Issues: Submit Now

The Anthropocene (Volume 11, No 1) The Editors of Irish Pages – Chris Agee, Cathal Ó Searcaigh, Kathleen Jamie and Meg Bateman – have been assembling a new issue of the journal, provisionally entitled “The Anthropocene”. It will appear in early 2020 and aims to evoke the escalating global ecological crisis in the round, through many of its key […]

Our New Issue: Two Launches

BELFAST “From Begrudgery to Hyperbole: On Recent Irish Fiction” Launch of “Criticism” (Vol 10, No 1) Belfast Book Festival Saturday 16 June at 6.30 pm Crescent Arts Centre 2-4 University Road Belfast BT7 1NH With readings and discussion from Patricia Craig, David Park, Kerry Hardie and Chris Agee From “Irish Fiction in Three Acts” by […]

Criticism (Vol 10, No 1)

The Editors of Irish Pages/Duillí Éireann – Chris Agee, Cathal Ó Searcaigh and Kathleen Jamie (the new permanent Scottish Editor) – are currently assembling the above issue. In addition to literary criticism of the traditional variety, there will be a particular focus on the critical spirit in all genres, whether non-fiction essays, literary journalism, memoir, […]

The Irish Pages Press

New and Necessary This is an auspicious moment for the formal establishment of a high-profile literary press firmly rooted in Belfast and Ireland. With the recent closure or decline of several Northern presses, Irish Pages Ltd (the non-profit publisher of Irish Pages and The Irish Pages Press) is uniquely qualified for this important cultural endeavour. […]

Israel, Islam & The West (Vol 9, No 2)

“The world has turned into a big Ulster …” Seamus Heaney, in a letter to John Montague (circa 2012) The Editors of Irish Pages/Duillí Éireann, Chris Agee and Cathal Ó Searcaigh, are currently assembling the above issue. There will be a particular focus on Israel-Palestine, the wider Middle East, the Muslim world, and the pattern […]