Praise for IRISH PAGES

“A wonderful achievement.” Michael Longley Poet, Belfast. “IRISH PAGES is an important event in the history of Northern Ireland.” Rev Hilary Wakeman Author, West Cork. “One of the finest journals I have seen produced anywhere in these islands in many years.”  Gerald Dawe Poet, Director of the Oscar Wilde Centre for Irish Writing, Trinity College Dublin. “A major development in Irish literature.” John F. Deane Poet, novelist and editor, Dublin. “The most imporant cultural journal in Ireland at the present moment.” Jonathan Allison Scholar and critic, Director of the Yeats Summer School. “Intensely non-provincial, the magazine accomodates the global and the avant-garde alongside the local and traditional … The mixture is exhilarating … THE BELL makes a doughty precursor for IRISH PAGES, which in a similar vein, goes all out for sober excellence and inspired audacity.” Patricia Craig Biographer and critic, Times Literary Supplement. “IRISH PAGES represents a new maturity in the life of the Irish Periodical.” Belinda McKeon Critic and journalist, THE IRISH TIMES. “IRISH PAGES critical reception has been outstanding, especially gaining plaudits for its blending of local and global perspectives. The editors see the magazine operating along the crucial intellectual intersections of the literary, the historical, the ethical and the social.” Malcolm Ballin Literary scholar, Wales. “Because it seems to me they have created something of a new paradigm here — a literary journal that acts locally but thinks and reads globally. That’s just what’s needed, this deliberate, self-conscious and nourishing ecology of art, responsive to weather patterns worldwide while knowing when to open its umbrella. The editorial philosophy animating IRISH PAGES asserts that wisdom lies in looking not only inward, but also around, behind and over our shoulders: to see both ourselves and our place in a larger whole …” Askold Melnyczuk Novelist, founding editor of Agni, Boston. “The new issue of IRISH PAGES is superb. It is hard to think of a journal in the British Isles today that can match its unflinching seriousness and elegance.” Iain Galbraith Poet and translator, Gemany. “I’m writing, really to express my admiration for the quality of what you’re publishing … I admire IRISH PAGES hugely …” William Trevor Novelist, Devon. “IRISH PAGES is wonderful …” Susan Sontag Essayist and novelist, New York City.