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Meet the Authors

Dino Pešut

Dino Pešut was born in Sisak, Croatia in 1990. He graduated Dramaturgy in Screenwriting and Playwrighting from Academy of Drama Art in Zagreb. He works as a dramaturge in various theatre in Croatia and abroad. As a dramatist, he debuted 2012 with the play The pressures of my generation, which was selected for the FORUM OF YOUNG EUROPEAN PLAYWRIGHTS within Theaterbiennale Wiesbaden New plays from Europe. His play Pret-posljednja panda ili statika (Pen-ultimate Panda or Static) won the national prize Marin Držić by the Ministry of Culture and was premiered in ZKM Zagreb, 2015. The same play was invited to participate in program Stueckemarkt within the framework of the Festival Theatertreffen in Berlinu in 2016. He won the national prize Marin Držić also for the plays L.U.Z.E.R.I., Veliki hotel Bezdan (Big Hotel Bezdan), Stela, poplava (Stela, Flood) and Olimpia stadion (trilogy), and is most awarded young playwright in Croatia.


Author's books

Daddy Issues




Croatia’s Groundbreaking Gay Novel.


“I receive the news of my father’s grave illness with almost complete indifference. I’m finding it mildly annoying, like road construction… He called me just briefly; he doesn’t want to bother me too much. I’m at work right now. I hang up. I’m furious at my father’s potentially terminal illness. I work at the reception desk of an okay hotel… My job is not demanding—often it’s boring, but it keeps my curiosity alive. I especially like working the evening shifts and figuring out who is sleeping with whom. At night, I get to read a lot. Secretly, I write poetry.”