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Hubert Butler

Born and raised in Kilkenny, Ireland, Hubert Butler (1900-91) – often described as “Ireland’s Orwell” – is now widely considered one of the great essayists in English of the twentieth century. Proud of his Protestant heritage while still deeply committed to the Irish nation, he sought in his life and writing to ensure that Ireland would grow into an open and pluralistic society. His five previous volumes of essays (published by The Lilliput Press) are masterful literature in the tradition of Swift, Yeats and Shaw, elegant and humane readings of Irish and European history, and ultimately hopeful testimony to human progress.


Author's books

Balkan Essays

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Butler’s essays do not just give insight into past events, but also into the past perceptions of those events. They are not just the story of one era, but of the self-perception of that era as well. His essays are a kind of time-capsule, and their moral attitude has an everlasting timeless quality.