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Irish Pages: The Classic Heaney Issue

£ 25.00

A hardback reprint of the classic Irish Pages issue on Seamus Heaney to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his death on 30 August 2013. “So many people in Ireland and overseas read, admired, and watched him. The extraordinary degree to which Heaney was a creative and ethical exemplar, shaper, mentor, influence, and generous friend for his fellow poets and writers comes through especially powerfully in this book, with its 54 contributors from Ireland, Britain, the United States and further afield…” Includes four last poems by Seamus Heaney.

Irish Pages Full Collection

£ 200.00£ 225.00

A full set of all back issues of Irish Pages can be purchased here. The stock for a number of these issues is extremely limited and likely to run out in the near future. The purchase of the full set of back issues can be combined with a one-, two- or three-year subscription – thus ensuring, into the future, the complete archive of Ireland’s premier literary journal.

Vol. 11 No. 2: Love

£ 14.00
  • Love poems by Michael Longley
  • Katheen Jamie & Brian Holton on translating Classical Chinese into Scots
  • New translations of the great Sappho
  • Alistair McIntosh’s “A Sixteenth Century Irish Sermon on COP26”
  • Translations of Balkan fiction by Slavenka Drakulic, Magdalena Blazević, Korana Serdarević and Miljenko Jergović
  • Chris Arthur on Nicholson’s imperialist statue in Lisburn
  • “On Plymouth Brethenism” by William Brown
  • A translation of a Ninth Century Irish prayer
  • Roisin Costello on corncrakes and Irish
  • “The Songs of Rathlin” by Sorcha Ní Lochlainn
  • Cilian Roden on Robert Lloyd Praeger and Irish patriotism
  • New poems and translations by Harry Clifton, Milena Williamson, Linda France, Philip Gross, Ruth Carr, Benjamin Keatinge, Chris Preddle, Ruth Padel and Antonietta Bocci
  • Gerard McCarthy’s last essay
  • New prose on love and loss by John Hill, Manus Charleton & Angela Wright

Vol. 11 No. 1: The Anthropocene

£ 14.00


  • Ruth Padel on “A Patch of Moonlight” in India
  • Morten Strøkness offers “A Tourist’s Guide to Norway”
  • Other new essays by Malachi O’Doherty, John Wilson Foster, Muireann Charleton and Niamh Morritt 
  • New poems by Greg Delanty, Moya Cannon & Ciaran O’Rourke


  • Chris Agee’s “Secular Prophecies”
  • Robert Alan Jamieson & Alec Finlay on falling ill
  • Amanda Thomson’s “Biding”
  • John Glenday’s “Love”


  • Sean Lysaght on the Mayo Wilds
  • Garry Mackenzie & Meg Bateman on Ben Dorain
  • “The Corniche Carriage Clock: A Sequence” by John F. Deane
  • New poems by Chris Preddle, Simon Ó Faoláin & Benjamin Keatinge


  • Gabriel Rosenstock on “The Irish Problem”
  • Four love poems by Matt Kirkham
  • Gerry Cambridge on “The Identitarian Delusion”
  • Chris Benfry & Sven Birkerts on “Serendipity”
  • “Varieties of Islam” by Jacob Agee
  • Sacha Baron Cohen on The Silicon Six
  • New short fiction by Slavenka Drakulić


  • “The Two of Them”, celebrated cartoons by Tisja Kljalović Braić

and many others

Vol. 10 No. 2: The Belfast Agreement: Twentieth Anniversary Issue

£ 14.00
  • Michael Longley on “Songs for Dead Children”
  • Essays on The Good Friday Agreement by Paul Arthur, Patricia Craig, Monica McWilliams, Paul Arthur, John Gray, John Wilson Foster, Edna Longley, Iggy McGovern, Gerard McCarthy, David Park, Jean Bleakney, Carlo Gébler, Anne Devlin, Brice Dickson, Robert McDowell, Ed Moloney, Mathew O’Toole, Jason Gathorne-Hardy, Andy Pollak & Glenn Patterson
  • Roy Foster and Nigel Lewis on Europe’s Tectonic Plates
  • Poems by Tom Mac Intyre, Moya Cannon, Ruth Carr, Harry Clifton, Kerry Hardie, Gerard Smyth & Ciarán O’Rourke 
  • Philip Knox, Jennifer Kerr, Stephen Dornan, Stephen Elliott & Noel Russell on the youthful aftermath of the Agreement
  • Chris Agee’s “Weather Report: Good Friday Week, 1998”
  • Evelyn Conlon, Matt Kirkham, Peter Geoghegan, Natasha Cuddington & Frances Byrne on boundaries, borders & maps
  • Manfred McDowell on the secrets of 64 Myrtlefield Park
  • Art Hughes in praise of Belfast and its writers
  • PLUS: “Writers of Belfast”: A remarkable portfolio of paintings by Neil Shawcross

Vol. 10 No. 1: Criticism

£ 14.00
  • Eva Hoffman on Europe’s “Internal Others”
  • A poem by Derek Mahon
  • Neil Corcoran on “The Mahon Prose”
  • The Good, the Bad & the Dire: Patricia Craig on recent Irish fiction
  • An homage to Catalonia
  • Mark Cousins on “The Story of Looking”
  • New fiction by David Park & Kerry Hardie
  • Brendan Corcoran on Heaney’s “ecological” laments
  • & Hugh Dunkerley on “Poetry and Fracking”
  • New essays by Kathleen Jamie, Seán Lysaght, 
    Bernard O’Donoghue, Stewart Sanderson & Scott Hames 
  • An extraordinary reflection on the Internet of Things
  • Poems by Ruth Padel, Moya Cannon & Thomas McCarthy 
  • Máirtín Ó Muilleoir on the Irish Language Act
  • New Poetry in Scots and Scottish Gaelic
  • PLUS: “Ways of Seeing”
    A remarkable photographic portfolio by Sonya Whitefield

Vol. 9 No. 2: Israel, Islam & the West

£ 14.00
  • Gerard McCarthy on the refugee crisis in Greece
  • An unpublished survivor’s account of Bergen Belsen
  • “A Trial” by Hubert Butler 
  • Writings on Iran, Bosnia and Islam 
  • Avi Shlaim on “Israel and the Arrogance of Power” 
  • Dervla Murphy’s Hasbara in Action” and John McHugo on Syria
  • A trilingual elegy in Irish, Polish and English
  • Chris Agee on “Troubled Belfast”
  • Ghazels of Hafez
  • Lara Marlowe on Mahmoud Darwish
  • New poems on the Middle East by Seán Lysaght, Naomi Shihab Nye, Ciarán O’Rourke & Cathal Ó Searcaigh
  • PLUS: “I am Belfast”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Mark Cousins

Vol. 9 No. 1: After Heaney

£ 14.00
  • An uncollected address by Seamus Heaney
  • Jahan Ramazani on Heaney’s Globe & Bernard O’Donoghue on Stepping Stones
  • Gabriel Rosenstock on a poisoned windharp
  • Translations from the Latin of Virgil and Catullus
  • A major interview with Michael Longley
  • Chris Agee on the ethnic basis of Irish poetry
  • Robert Crawford upholds “bardic voice”
  • New poems by Moya CannonRuth CarrFrank Ormsby and Cathal Ó Searcaigh
  • Fiction by Juliana Roth and Malachy Tallack
  • Plus: “In the Aegean”, a remarkable photographic portfolio on the refugee crisis

Vol. 8 No. 2: Heaney

£ 14.00
  • Four Poems by Seamus Heaney
  • Sven Birkerts and Helen Vendler on the man and the poet
  • A Suite of Obituaries & Global Reminiscences by leading poets and writers in Ireland, Britain and the United States
  • New poems by Kerry HardieMichael CoadyPaddy BusheKathleen JamieKatie DonovanSeán LysaghtDamian SmythIgnatius McGovernJohn F. DeaneFranics HarveyMichael LongleyAlan GillisMoya Cannon and Harry Clifton
  • President Michael D. Higgins on John Hewitt & Richard Murphy on poetry and terror
  • New writing in Irish from Nuala Ní DhomhnaillCathal O Searcaigh and others
  • PLUS: “Seamus Justin Heaney 1939-2013”, a unique photographic portfolio by Bobbie Hanvey

Vol. 8 No. 1: Inheritance

£ 14.00
  • Mark Cousins on the future of film
  • Short stories by Ron Rash and Ruth Gilligan
  • Leslie Van Gelder’s On Absolute Darkness & Bernard MacLaverty’s Bye-child”
  • Patricia Craig remembers John Hewitt
  • Three poems from the Old Irish & Gerard McCarthy on Granada
  • New poetry and fiction by John F. DeaneJohn GlendayChris PreddleManus CharletonTom MacIntyre and Francis Harvey
  • Introducing The Other Tongues
  • PLUS: “Albania’s Spaç”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Peter Geoghegan

Vol. 7 No. 2: Memory

£ 14.00
  • Barry Lopez on the trauma of sexual abuse
  • Chris Agee & Kerry Hardie on aftermaths
  • An unpublished essay by Hubert Butler
  • Tom Mac Intyre’s “Memoirs”
  • Michael LongleyPatricia Craig & Glenn Patterson remember the Titanic
  • Major essays by Wendell Berry Thomas Kilroy
  • New Writing in Irish & Scots
  • Joseph Horgan celebrates “the fifth element”
  • PLUS: “Time in the East”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Elizabeth Switaj

Vol. 7 No. 1: Self

£ 14.00
  • Ciaran Carson celebrates Irish traditional musicians
  • Deirdre Mask on multicultural Ireland
  • Tim Kenny on the collapse of Detroit
  • Tom Mac Intyre’s “Memoirs
  • New fiction by Robert Welch & Hunter Liguore
  • Eibhlín Evans & Jonathan P. Watts on W.G. Sebald
  • New poems and translations by Vona GroarkeFrankie SewellSam GardinerChristopher Whyte & Cathal Ó Searcaigh
  • PLUS: “The Light of Other Days/Solas ó Ré Eile”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Jim Maginn

plus much more…

Vol. 6 No. 2: Sexuality

£ 14.00
  • Harry Clifton remembers Paris
  • Lynley Edmeades on bisexuality
  • Tony MacMahon’s “A Café in Tangiers”
  • New fiction by Mike McCormack & Rodge Glass
  • Writing in Irish & Scots Gaelic by Seán Mac MathúnaCathal Ó SearcaighMáire WrenColette Ní GhallchóirMeg Bateman & Peter MacKay
  • A postmodern folktale in Ulster-Scots
  • New poetry & prose by Gerard McCarthySinéad MorrisseyEmma MarxDenis SampsonManus Charleton & Miriam Gamble
  • PLUS: “Fair Trade”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Kenneth O’Halloran

plus much more…

Vol. 6 No. 1: Ireland in Crisis

£ 14.00
  • Morgan Kelly on why Ireland is insolvent
  • Thomas McCarthy on the undoing of a nation
  • New fiction by Gabriel RosenstockMike McCormackJacqueline McCarrick & Liz McSkeane
  • Harry Clifton remembers Paris ~ Ben Maier’s The Farm at Millisle
  • Janet Dine on how Western commercial law kills
  • Writing in Irish by Colm BreathnachNiamh Ní LochlainnCaitríona Ní Chléirchín & Rody Gorman
  • New poetry & prose by Manus CharletonMichael Coady, Patricia CraigEamon GrennanSarah JacksonMatt KirkhamTom Mac IntyreGerard Smyth & Vincent Woods
  • PLUS: “Outcomes”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Mark Granier

plus much more…

Vol. 5 No. 2: An tEagrán Gaeilge / The Irish Issue

£ 14.00
  • Contemporary writing in Irish by Máire Mhac an tSaoiLiam Mac CóilLouis de PaorAifric Mac AodhaLiam Ó Muirthile, Biddy JenkinsonMicheál Ó ConghaileNuala Ní DhomhnaillGabriel RosenstockAlan Titley and many others.
  • With writing in English by Tim RobinsonPaddy BusheSeán LysaghtPatricia Craig and Hugo Hamilton.
  • And new translations of a suite of poems by Seán Ó Ríordáin.
  • PLUS: “Taking Sides”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Bobbie Hanvey.

plus much more…

Vol. 5 No. 1: Language and Languages

£ 14.00
  • In memoriam Conor Cruise O’Brien
  • Hugo Hamilton on homecoming
  • Heaney’s sonnets in Spanish
  • A short story by Gabriel Rosenstock
  • Reflections on W.G. Sebald
  • Harry Clifton remembers autumn in Paris
  • Gerard McCarthy on Old Jerusalem
  • Poems from India
  • “Cupáin, fochupáin agus tiolacan na n-óiseach” by Louis de Paor
  • Tom Mac Intyre’s tour de force through age and memory
  • Toby Litt against historical fiction
  • New poetry and prose from Michael Coady, Belinda McKeon, John Gray, Maureen Duffy, Moya Cannon, David Fitzpatrick, John F. Deane, Judith Hoad, Paddy Bushe, Sam Gardiner & others
  • PLUS: “Harmony of the Ineffable”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Alberto Darszon

plus much more…