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Vol. 1 No. 1: Belfast in Europe

  • Tom Paulin on Belfast and its vernaculars
  • An Irish epilogue by Helen Lewis
  • George Watson’s countries of the mind
  • An extract from W. G. Sebald
  • Wendell Berry’s thoughts in the presence of fear
  • Chris Agee on the Good Friday Agreement
  • One of Hubert Butler’s uncollected essays
  • Translations from the Arabic
  • A parable for the New Europe
  • New poetry and prose by Seamus Heaney, Harry Clifton, Deirdre Madden, John Gray, Nuala Ní Dhomhnaill, Daniel Tobin, Samuel Menashe, Neal Ascherson, Tim Robinson, Medbh McGuckian, John Montague, John Burnside & others
  • PLUS: “Portraits of Writers”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by John Minihan

plus much more…



From the Back Cover

“Hubert Butler’s works warn that a debate about whether Ireland should become American or Swedish is missing a point — his point. Beware of enthusiasm for distant abstractions, at the cost of close and familiar details. Never mind America and Sweden: Ireland has not yet become Irish, until the alienation between majorities and minorities has been overcome in a new sense of community. There is a world to win. But there is also a family of neighbours down the road, and unfinished business with them. Hubert Butler enjoyed history’s poxy ironies. But not that Irish history should now repeat itself inside out: that one part of Ireland should again march away and sign up under the flag of some vaster identity — and leave the other part forgotten in the rain. Yes, there’s a threat to Ireland’s ‘unique identity’ — but it’s to the identity which has not yet been created.”

from “Unfinished Ireland: Hubert Butler’s Contemporary Relevance” by Neal Ascherson



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