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Vol. 10 No. 1: Criticism

  • Eva Hoffman on Europe’s “Internal Others”
  • A poem by Derek Mahon
  • Neil Corcoran on “The Mahon Prose”
  • The Good, the Bad & the Dire: Patricia Craig on recent Irish fiction
  • An homage to Catalonia
  • Mark Cousins on “The Story of Looking”
  • New fiction by David Park & Kerry Hardie
  • Brendan Corcoran on Heaney’s “ecological” laments
  • & Hugh Dunkerley on “Poetry and Fracking”
  • New essays by Kathleen Jamie, Seán Lysaght, 
    Bernard O’Donoghue, Stewart Sanderson & Scott Hames 
  • An extraordinary reflection on the Internet of Things
  • Poems by Ruth Padel, Moya Cannon & Thomas McCarthy 
  • Máirtín Ó Muilleoir on the Irish Language Act
  • New Poetry in Scots and Scottish Gaelic
  • PLUS: “Ways of Seeing”
    A remarkable photographic portfolio by Sonya Whitefield

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From the Back Cover

“Now, dialogue may seem like an overused term, and a facile panacea; but in fact, authentic dialogue is anything but easy. It needs empathy and it needs courage. It cannot proceed from the position either of putative superiority, or self-effacement. To condescend to our interlocutors in such encounters is of course to diminish and humiliate them; but to defer to others automatically because we perceive them as vulnerable, or less privileged, or as ‘our victims’ – is to assume that they are divested of agency and incapable of responsibility. From the minority side, such dialogue also requires an effort of openness and the courage to step outside the rules of the tribe. If we perceive our interlocutors merely as representatives of power, or as incapable of real understanding or change, we are guilty of prejudice too. And again, I say ‘we,’ because I have been on that side of the equation as well. Equality, it seems to me, is not only an economic, but an ethical achievement.”

from “On Internal Others” by Eva Hoffman



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