Inheritance (Vol 8, No 1)

$39.00 US & Rest of the World


  • Mark Cousins on the future of film
  • Short stories by Ron Rash and Ruth Gilligan
  • Leslie Van Gelder’s On Absolute Darkness & Bernard MacLaverty’s Bye-child”
  • Patricia Craig remembers John Hewitt
  • Three poems from the Old Irish & Gerard McCarthy on Granada
  • New poetry and fiction by John F. Deane, John Glenday, Chris Preddle, Manus Charleton, Tom MacIntyre and Francis Harvey
  • Introducing The Other Tongues
  • PLUS: “Albania’s Spaç”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Peter Geoghegan


Quote from the Back Cover

“It’s been quite a trip, Orson. We’ve been kings of the road, the Don and Sancho Panza, maybe. Where should our last place be? There’s a col in the west of Scotland called the Rest and Be Thankful – at first I thought we could stop there, but then I realized that it’s good to end on a grace note, isn’t it? A small thing. I have a tattoo on my arm that says ‘the oar and winnowing fan’. You probably know the story. It comes from Homer. Ulysses has been travelling by boat (the kingdom of the oar) then walks away from the sea, carrying the oar, until he comes to an agricultural place where they no longer recognize the oar as an oar and think, instead, that it is a winnowing fan for cutting down crops.”

from “Dear Orson Welles …” by Mark Cousins