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Vol. 6 No. 2: Sexuality

  • Harry Clifton remembers Paris
  • Lynley Edmeades on bisexuality
  • Tony MacMahon’s “A Café in Tangiers”
  • New fiction by Mike McCormack & Rodge Glass
  • Writing in Irish & Scots Gaelic by Seán Mac MathúnaCathal Ó SearcaighMáire WrenColette Ní GhallchóirMeg Bateman & Peter MacKay
  • A postmodern folktale in Ulster-Scots
  • New poetry & prose by Gerard McCarthySinéad MorrisseyEmma MarxDenis SampsonManus Charleton & Miriam Gamble
  • PLUS: “Fair Trade”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Kenneth O’Halloran

plus much more…

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From the Back Cover

“On my way back to our tent that night I diverted down a dark lane to leak mint tea. Turning, I noticed an open door, put one foot in, just in case more music was to be heard, and through a parted curtain I saw her kneeling in a circular tub, washing her hair. The flame of paraffin lit up her body in a triangle of wet bronze, her shoulders tapering down to a slender waitst and flaring out again in haunches of slutty shadow. From ears to her rear, her hair became another triangle of deepest jackdaw black, reaching to a point as it lay thin on the shadowed parting of her buttocks. As I watched, doped and awe-struck, the streaming water turned a milky soap-white and cascaded in dribbling rivulets down her back until disappearing into the crevice between cliffs of shimmering haunch-flesh . . .”

from “A Café in Tangiers” by Tony MacMahon



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