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Vol. 4 No. 1: The Media

  • Sven Birkerts on self in the information age
  • A short story by William Trevor
  • Brendan Simms on Dick Spring and Bosnia
  • Rilke in the Irish of Máire Mhac an tSaoi
  • Kafka’s mouse
  • Translations from the Turkish
  • John Berger on the erosion of place
  • Chris Agee on a day with the VJ
  • New poetry and prose by Seamus Heaney, Kathleen Jamie, Harry Clifton, Louis de Paor, Francis Harvey, Michael Longley, Rita Kelly,Tom Mac Intyre, Robin Glendinning, Moya Cannon, Richard Murphy & others
  • PLUS: “Towards a Military Sublime”, a remarkable photographic portfolio by Simon Norfolk

plus much more…

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From the Back Cover

“I believe that art — via imagination — is the necessary complement to information. I explain this by referring back to the root concepts of my two key words. Imagination, as I have already suggested is the formative inward power, independant and generative. Information, by contrast, and by original definition, is that which imparts inner form from the outside. To be informed is to receive the print of ideas or, and again I heed the etymology, impressions. Imagination creates shape; information imposes shape. The former is the energy of self, the latter of the world.”

from “The Drowning Signal: Self in the Information Age” by Sven Birkerts



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