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Vol. 4 No. 2: The Sea

  • Hugo Hamilton in the footsteps of Heinrich Böll
  • A short story by Francis Harvey
  • David Edgar on the state of British theatre
  • Beachcombing with Michael Viney
  • Tim Robinson on the sea and ourselves
  • Lorca in the Irish of Máire Mhac an tSaoi
  • Slavenka Drakulic on language, shoes and cakes, and David Albahari on frontiers
  • Aidan Carl Mathews in prose and poetry
  • Leslie Van Gelder on love and death
  • New poetry and prose by Peter SirrLeontia FlynnJohn F. DeaneGerard SmythGlenn PattersonPatricia Craig and Michael Longley & others
  • PLUS: “Marine Micrographs”, a remarkable photographic portfolio of sea life

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From the Back Cover

“So, having recognized some of these strange little creatures — recognized them from their descriptions and photographs in our reference books, and recognized them in their strangeness as our sea-cousins — we adapted our eyes once more to a human perspective, and turned for home. As Sabine remarked, we didn’t have to make a long journey to see such marvels; we were only a hundred yards from or cars. And the beach watched as we, perhaps the strangest of all creatures, with glacial slowness lifted our gigantic heads out of the seaweed, blinked our meagre allowance of eyes, balanced ourselves on towering appendages, locomoted by a succession of arrested fallings forward, communicated by waves of agitation of air molecules, pairwise brought the lateral surfaces of our heads into centuries-long brief contacts (a behaviour the purpose of which is unknown), bent our spinal cords to coil ourselves into our waiting coccospheres, and, rolling on wheels, a device unknown among the people of Manannán, departed — strange to each other, strange to ourselves, fit denizens for this strangest of all impossible universes.”

from “The Kingdom of Manannán” by Tim Robinson



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