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Vol. 11 No. 2: Love

  • Love poems by Michael Longley
  • Katheen Jamie & Brian Holton on translating Classical Chinese into Scots
  • New translations of the great Sappho
  • Alistair McIntosh’s “A Sixteenth Century Irish Sermon on COP26”
  • Translations of Balkan fiction by Slavenka Drakulic, Magdalena Blazević, Korana Serdarević and Miljenko Jergović
  • Chris Arthur on Nicholson’s imperialist statue in Lisburn
  • “On Plymouth Brethenism” by William Brown
  • A translation of a Ninth Century Irish prayer
  • Roisin Costello on corncrakes and Irish
  • “The Songs of Rathlin” by Sorcha Ní Lochlainn
  • Cilian Roden on Robert Lloyd Praeger and Irish patriotism
  • New poems and translations by Harry Clifton, Milena Williamson, Linda France, Philip Gross, Ruth Carr, Benjamin Keatinge, Chris Preddle, Ruth Padel and Antonietta Bocci
  • Gerard McCarthy’s last essay
  • New prose on love and loss by John Hill, Manus Charleton & Angela Wright

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“Love, loss, parting, heartbreak, and yearning are universal, for we are one species, after all, no matter how far apart we may be in time and space. And no matter how different our languages and cultures may seem to be, our hearts all resonate to the same tender, loving frequencies. ”

Brian Holton



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