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Irish Pages: The Classic Heaney Issue


A hardback reprint of the classic Irish Pages issue on Seamus Heaney to commemorate the tenth anniversary of his death on 30 August 2013. “So many people in Ireland and overseas read, admired, and watched him. The extraordinary degree to which Heaney was a creative and ethical exemplar, shaper, mentor, influence, and generous friend for his fellow poets and writers comes through especially powerfully in this book, with its 54 contributors from Ireland, Britain, the United States and further afield…” Includes four last poems by Seamus Heaney.

The 2024 Irish Pages Literary Diary



A week-to-view diary, this elegant and practical publication gathers extracts from twenty years of outstanding writing from Irish Pages (the island’s premier literary journal) and The Irish Pages Press. With an array of distinguished Irish and international authors, The 2024 Irish Pages Literary Diary is an essential holiday gift for readers, writers, and anyone interested in the life of the mind and the state of the world.


The Diary features classic texts by celebrated authors such as Seamus Heaney, Kathleen Jamie, Susan Sontag, Patricia Craig, Slavenka Drakulić, Julia Kristeva and Chinua Achebe, as well as the remarkable work of emerging writers living in Ireland. The Diary includes quotations in English, Scots, Scots Gaelic and Irish, highlighting the linguistic range across Ireland and Britain.

Errigal: Sacred Mountain




In Errigal: Sacred Mountain, Ó Searcaigh (one of Ireland’s most celebrated poets, in both Irish and English) goes on a pilgrim path around Errigal and – in the active meditation of walking – summons up the spirit of this revered mountain, the largest in Ireland. In his “Passages of Light” as he calls them, we get a vivid and an insightful word-journey around a mountain that has shaped the thinking of one of the most eminent poets in the Irish language.

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We want to deliver excellent literature directly to your door. Conveniently, we offer subscriptions to Irish Pages, a biannual journal, with a variety of options. You can choose to receive issues for one, two or three years. You can subscribe as an individual or as an institution of higher education, if you are affiliated with one. And you can even give the gift of an Irish Pages subscription to your friends and family.

Irish Pages Full Collection


A full set of all back issues of Irish Pages can be purchased here. The stock for a number of these issues is extremely limited and likely to run out in the near future. The purchase of the full set of back issues can be combined with a one-, two- or three-year subscription – thus ensuring, into the future, the complete archive of Ireland’s premier literary journal.

Old Istanbul & Other Essays




This is the first book of essays by a major new Irish non-fiction writer from the West of Ireland, comparable to the celebrated Kilkenny essayist Hubert Butler first published by The Lilliput Press and subsequently widely acclaimed. McCarthy’s writing is no less distinguished than Butler’s.

Vol. 11 No. 2: Love

  • Love poems by Michael Longley
  • Katheen Jamie & Brian Holton on translating Classical Chinese into Scots
  • New translations of the great Sappho
  • Alistair McIntosh’s “A Sixteenth Century Irish Sermon on COP26”
  • Translations of Balkan fiction by Slavenka Drakulic, Magdalena Blazević, Korana Serdarević and Miljenko Jergović
  • Chris Arthur on Nicholson’s imperialist statue in Lisburn
  • “On Plymouth Brethenism” by William Brown
  • A translation of a Ninth Century Irish prayer
  • Roisin Costello on corncrakes and Irish
  • “The Songs of Rathlin” by Sorcha Ní Lochlainn
  • Cilian Roden on Robert Lloyd Praeger and Irish patriotism
  • New poems and translations by Harry Clifton, Milena Williamson, Linda France, Philip Gross, Ruth Carr, Benjamin Keatinge, Chris Preddle, Ruth Padel and Antonietta Bocci
  • Gerard McCarthy’s last essay
  • New prose on love and loss by John Hill, Manus Charleton & Angela Wright

Aa Cled Wi Clouds She Cam


60 LYRICS FRAE THE CHINESE:Translations in Scots and English


Brian Holton is unique in that he can translate directly into Scots from the Chinese. This anthology consists of translations into Scots and English of the first sixty poems of the standard anthology Song Ci Sanbaishou (“300 Sòng Dynasty Song Lyrics”), edited by Zhu Zumou (1924), with a Translator’s Afterword/Owresetter’s Eftirword.

Gatherings of Irish Harpers 1780 – 1840



In 1792 the Harpers’ Meeting in Belfast was indeed an important event in the history and life of the town. Belfast’s reformers and radicals desired a better future, but they also shared an interest in the past. Through their support for the few surviving harpers, they hoped future generations might benefit from the survival of a tradition and an instrument, music, language, and practises that were all fast disappearing.

Invisible Woman and Other Stories




Invisible Woman and Other Stories takes us on an intimate journey of ageing, from the shock of catching a glimpse of ourselves in the mirror as others see us to the actual slipping away of the self. The stories speak of reckonings: with the illness and death of a parent, with the emotional baggage that must be cleared out along with the material remains, with memories and missed opportunities, and with the waning of desire.


Shortlisted for the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development Literature Prize 2023. 

Sappho: Songs and Poems


SONGS AND POEMS:Translated from the Greek



Here are Sappho’s songs and poems as English poems, all her famous pieces, all the fragments that can make connected sense, and all the discoveries of 2004 and 2014. These translations set out to be good English poetry first and foremost, and succeed well beyond other current versions. They have been made directly from Sappho’s Greek, by a poet with three collections to his credit, and are relatively close to the Greek. Each piece has a concise footnote that explains references and allusions, and suggests critical appreciation. A substantial Afterword says much more about Sappho’s themes, her art and style, and her historical setting.

Phantom Gang




Longlisted for the Swansea University Dylan Thomas Prize 2023


With lyric grace and meditative clarity, Phantom Gang offers a daring dissection of civilizational violence in a variety of contexts – from the intimate atavisms and inequalities of Irish history to the insidious growth of the global Big Tech economy in the present day – alongside deep, sensually delicate explorations of broken love and salvaged memories.

W: A Novel




Igor Štiks’ fourth novel, mysteriously titled with only one letter, W, is his most elaborate so far – and definitely his most exciting – a feat of storytelling in which historic tragedies are woven through with humour and erotic passion.